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[Trans] Jonghyun’s Twitter Update 140817 - Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho (1P)




Taemdeokus tremble tremble tremble
The head of the fanclub is even standing to Taemin-god’s right tremble tremble tremble
He’s a lottery winner tremble tremble tremble

(TN: Taemdeoku = hardcore taemint)


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i request a petition to make jongyu the lead dancers of shinee

xiumin fulfilling his wildest cassiopeia dreams

Why Magical Girls Are Never Attacked During A Tranformation ▷


Why Magical Girls Are Never Attacked During A Tranformation

As some of you might already have guessed, I’m a fan of Japanese girl idols. One of the many, many idol groups in existence today in Japan is NMB48, a Osaka-based spin-off group of the (in)famous AKB48. NMB has a weekly show that’s surprisingly entertaining as well as educational called NMB to Manabu-kun, in which the members of NMB and a few comedians listen to guest lectures by experts in various fields.

Back on May 15th, the theme of the episode was pataphysics/the science of sci-fi. One of the topics of the lecture held by university professor Yanagita Rikao was the age-old question of "WHY ARE MAGICAL GIRLS NEVER ATTACKED WHILE TRANSFORMING???"

This was his answer, based on the magical girl series Futari wa Pretty Cure.

imageQuestion: The transformation scenes in Pretty Cure are very long, so why don’t the bad guys attack the girls in the meantime?

image"Even when I was little, I was thinking ‘Hey! Attack them now!’"

image"I found this odd as well, so I watched the transformation scene many times. And what I noticed is, when the Pretty Cures yell ‘Dual Aurora Wave!’ and transform, a rainbow-colored column of light shoots up from the ground, going BOOM!"

image"And then the Pretty Cures levitate, and go up into the air. Based on this, I believe the protagonists of Pretty Cure are being held up in the air by the power of light.”

image"When we think of light, we usually think it heats up things or lights up things. But in reality, light has the power to hold up things as well."

image"When the sun is beating down on us in the summer, the human body is being pressed downwards by the sun beams with a force of 2/100,000g.”

image"But this is only about a one-hundred of the weight of a mosquito, so no matter how hot it is, we don’t feel that sunlight is heavy."

image"So that means the light holding them up must be extremely strong. If we assume that the two Pretty Cures each weigh about 45kg and do some calculations…”

image"It means the light during the transformation must have the energy of 2,100,000,000kW per 1m2.”

image"While the entirety of power that Japan is capable of generating is only 100,000,000kW.”

image"So they’re using 21 TIMES the amount of energy the whole of Japan can generate.”

image"So what would happen if a bad guy jumped in to try to sabotage their transformation?"



image"So this means the best thing to do would be to transform close to any bad guys."

image"Yes. They are the strongest while they transform, and are practically invincible.”





now this is what i like to see… if i’m gonna buy some fancy new Strong Product i wanna see it beat the weaker version of itself into total useless garbage…… its called innovation and i’ve never been so happy to be a capitalist…


sometimes i wonder if this website is okay


(Tumblr Gets Deep, Pt. 2)

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SHINee World Japan Members profiles Q&A:
Q: A pet you'd like to try keeping?
A: A piglet
Q: When do you feel jinxed?
A: When I think about something bad and it just happens...
Q: Your best subject at school?
A: Science
Q: Something you do everyday?
A: Exercising and weight training
Q: Something you'd be sure to have in the fridge?
A: Water
Q: Your treasure?
A: My pet
Q: Something you do everyday?
A: Listening to music, drinking coffee and notebook management
Q: Lucky colours?
A: Pink and mint
Q: Your treasure?
A: You.
Q: Your favorite place?
A: Top of a mountain. (beautiful scenery)
Q: A profession you'd like to try apart from being an artiste?
A: A movie director
Q: Lucky number?
A: 10
Q: Nickname when you were little?
A: Taemili (apparently it means a rug)
Q: Something you'd be sure to have in the fridge?
A: Meat
Q: Something you think you have advantage of?
A: Youth
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it’s too hot for chanyeol

chanhun thank you message ft. adorable sehunnie


[Photo] Key’s Instagram Update 140813 (1P)

i was chewing somethin’

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gentleman chanyeol pushed down chen’s head so IU can see at the cam.

Exo - Die Jungs

real struggle